We Care

As our patient, we see you as a person first. You are unique and special, and your health care needs are equally unique and special. Our job is to address those needs as effectively as possible.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to co-ordinate and deliver safe and caring services that promote health and well-being. Our vision is: Healthy People. Vibrant Communities. Care for All.

Medicine & Emergency

Our Medicine Program provides a variety of services to in-patients and out-patients. Our Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is equipped to handle emergencies

Surgical Unit

Each year, more than 1,000 surgical procedures are performed at Shonowo Hospital. Many surgical procedures are conducted on a day surgery basis, while others require a longer-term stay .

We consider our care team the finest in the city.

From doctors, nurses and support health professionals, to our housekeeping and maintenance staff, everyone working at Shonowo Hospital has your best interests and your good health at heart.

As part of SHONOWO HOSPITAL’s dedication to providing the highest standard of affordable healthcare, and our commitment to grassroot medicine, we are providing FREE HERNIA, FIBROID & BREAST LUMP REMOVAL SUGERIES for 100 patients who on their own, cannot afford to pay for the treatment.

The free service will include pre, intra and post operative medication, including transfusions if needed and post-operative care.

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Some Of Our Surgical Cases

Since 2016, Shonowo Hospital has conducted over 1000 free surgeries ranging from inguinal hernias, lipomas, fibroid removals, masectomies and more. 

Huge scrotal mass

Neck Cyst

Giant Hydrocele

Post Masectomy

Breast Cancer

Dr. Samson Shonowo

Is a community health education advocate and affordable health care enthusiast. 

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